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Springfield Dogcare has its very own taxi Pick-Up and Collections service – the Bark and Ride!  This service operates within an 8 mile radius of Burn.

Puppies are allowed in daycare after their second set of vaccinations. Please keep in mind we also require our group to have had the kennel cough vaccination and be up-to-date with worming and flea treatments.

This is paramount at Springfield, as the last thing we want is a tired snappy dog. Nap times are scheduled to ensure the dogs are fully rested before more playtime. If this still isn’t enough for our more ‘relaxed’ dogs they can doze in our chill out area on our couches and dog beds.

Yes, we will give them their favourite food provided by you if you wish or we can feed them our very own healthy option.

We ask owners to refrain from bringing toys into daycare. 90% of arguments between dogs are due to them being possessive over toys / food etc which is why we have put this policy in place. Don’t worry this has been compensated with a number of fun activities to keep your pooches entertained.

We ask all owners to try their best to comply with our closing times. However, we know there can be unforeseen circumstances so we will ensure your pooch is safe until we re-unite you both but this may incur an extra charge of £5 for every 30mins over to cover some of the staffing costs.

The facility can be booked privately for weekend birthday parties for all your pouches’ friends to help celebrate in style, or just have a get together. Please get in touch to arrange or keep an eye out on social media for updates.

Yes our facility and staff are all fully insured for your peace of mind.

Yes our facility is Licensed by Selby District Council. This is a legal requirement for Dog Daycare establishments in the UK.

You can find us at Springfield, Common Lane, Burn, North Yorkshire YO8 8LB

All dogs will be assessed to ascertain their suitability for dog day care in an open, cage free environment with other dogs. More information can be found here.

Your dog does not have to be trained to be accepted to daycare. In fact it is one of the reasons owners bring their dogs to daycare. Daycare teaches the dog manners in their social groups, which should make for more enjoyable walks with their owners.

At Springfield we are very strict on only accepting socialised dogs. This is to ensure we always have a happy group and to avoid squabbling between dogs.

We have teamed up with Doopie Dog Training to offer puppy and dog training classes here at Springfield. For more information please contact www.doopiedog.co.uk or keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages.

Pay online at the time of booking.

In order for the dogs in our care to be as relaxed as possible we operate a closed door policy during day care hours. If you would like to see the facility and see where your pup will be playing please take a look at our gallery section or check out social media.

A full list of all prices can be found here.

We know that lots of pups out there have sensitive stomachs therefore we do not offer treats/food of any kind unless prior agreed with their owner. If your dog has specific dietary needs and you would like it to be fed during day care please bring this along with you and we will happily offer this.

The centre will be open from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Security is extremely important for our pets. You will need to be let in to the main reception where you will be greeted by a staff member to both drop off and collect your dog(s). If you are going to be late you must let us know and there will be an additional charge if beyond 30 minutes as staff will need to be paid. If you are sending someone to collect on your behalf they will need your password.

Please contact us via email or phone as soon as possible with no charge for more than 24 hours notice. If your cancellation is received later than this then a 50% charge is payable.

Book online, at least 24 hour’s in advance.

Whilst we strongly recommend neutering to ensure your dog gets the best out of day-care we do not have a blanket policy. Please see our policy on neutering.

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